A Native American once said, " The longest journey one will ever take is the one from their mind to their heart".

After a 27 year successful business career, my journey has finally taken me back to my roots, my passion...and my heart.

Born, raised and educated on the East Coast, I studied silversmithing at an early age.  But as my business career became more demanding, little time was left for designing and working with metal.  But the passion never left me so a couple of years ago I began to take the path back to what I loved the most. I read, I experimented and taught myself most of what I know today.  Most recently and going forward, I have been able to study with some of the Master Artisans in my medium and have learned and continue to learn new techniques. As I grow, so will my designs.

I have many roads to travel and many things to learn.  I thank you for being a part of the beginning of ... Franki Martin Designs